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HYPONIC for SHOW DOGS Cypress Water Shampoo (for dogs_volumizing) 500ml.


“Artfully Created, Exceptional in Every Way”

HYPONIC’s newest innovation for the perfect show is unique and unparalleled in all aspects. Excellent cleansing and resiliency enhances+preserves color & texture of hair for long-lasting volume to sustain hair in its absolute best condition.The soft+light hair quality will make the perfect show, shine even brighter.
● EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE – Advanced formula that implements the latest in technology provide unrivaled, outstanding performance, optimally designed for the professional coat management of the show dog.
● PREMIUM INGREDIENTS – Intensive formulation of only top-notch ingredients. Only high-quality, carefully selected organic extracts of 14 botanicals and various plant + herbal extracts, natural oils and the principal ingredients of cypress water and milk protein are used to deliver vitality and replenishing nutrients containing enriching vitamins and essential amino acids for extreme performance.
● SUPREME CLEANSING POWER- Deep cleansing and superior resiliency restores and preserves the natural color and texture of the coat. Optimal cypress water content and various plant extracts + jojoba seed, camellia and argan oils provide the perfect balance for enhanced and maximum manageability of the coat.
● INTENSE VOLUME + EASY DETANGLING + REDUCED DRYING TIME – Easily detangles without damage to hair. Dramatic body building and long-lasting super-rich volume and superior texture creates a thicker, fuller, softer and more manageable light-weight finish resulting in easy brushing and easy scissoring for a show-worthy shine!
[Effects and Benefits] Cleans and protects pet’s coat and helps to enrich hair.
[Usage and Dose] Wet pet’s hair with lukewarm water, apply proper amount of shampoo, work into lather, gently massage into hair and rinse thoroughly. Dilute water and shampoo at a ratio of 20: 1 to create a richer volume.

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