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HYPONIC Gentle Exfoliating Scrub Powder (for all pets) 24g (2g X 12ea).


HYPONIC GENTLE EXFOLIATING SCRUB POWDER is specialized for the skin and is suitable for short coat breeds. It is great for removing dandruff, flaky skin and cleaning oily parts. The ears, buttocks, and paws are oily, and difficult to clean even with 2-3 times shampooing.

HYPONIC Powder Shampoo is made using non-GMO cornstarch instead of purified water which creates an abundant, creamy lather. It is specialized using only 100% botanical-based naturally derived secondary surfactant, excluding all synthetic chemical surfactants with high toxicity. It is a protease extracted from papaya fruit which helps to manage sebum, dandruff, and flaky skin. It does not contain fragrance or pigment to minimize skin irritation.

•SPECIALIZED FOR PET SKINCARE – Gently removes dead skin, build-up & impurities to support natural healthy skin. (Great for short-coat breeds such as terriers w/ thick, curly coats)

•DERMATEST RATED, EXCELLENT – Awarded by the German Dermatological Research Institute, founded in 1979 which tests skin tolerance based on the strictest int’l standards.

•HYPOALLERGENIC & NATURAL-100% hypoallergenic ingredients designed to be gentle & mild.

•OPTIMAL FUNCTION OF PAPAIN ENZYME & STARCH – Unique healing & beneficial properties help stop itch & flakes to calm sensitive or irritated skin.

•RINSES CLEAN & SOFT – Non-GMO cornstarch creates a rich, viscous lather to lift dirt + oil leaving the skin’s protective layer intact.



•[How to use] Soak a pet’s coat thoroughly with warm water, turn the coat of the pet to the opposite direction so that the skin is visible, then sprinkle the proper amount evenly over the skin. Be sure to massage lightly with finger tips (use of nails may irritate skin), lather sufficiently and rinse thoroughly with water.  Before using shampoo, use powder shampoo to manage the keratin, sebum or dandruff first. After using powder shampoo, thoroughly rinse then apply appropriate amount of shampoo for pet and lightly shampoo only coat.  Use once every shampoo, bath or every two shampoos.

•[Half or full body bath for dandruff care] Dissolve the proper amount of powder shampoo in warm water and give the pet a half or full body bath, then massage lightly with fingertips, you will see the dead skin cells and dandruff disappear.

•The recommended amount of powder shampoo is 1 bag (2 grams) per 2 kg of dog body weight.

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