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HYPONIC Grooming Artist Shampoo (for dogs_deep cleanse & volume) 3.8L.


HYPONIC GROOMING ARTIST (Deep Cleanse & Volume)removes stains and brightens white coats such as the Bichon Frise, Maltese, and Pomeranian. This gentle shampoo is made of 100% natural cleaning agents, free of hazardous chemical substances and is formulated with Lavender and Matricaria Flower Extracts for silky soft hair & Freesia Extract for healthy skin and ample volume. Rich, creamy bubbles and the soft feeling of washing do not require a conditioner. Enhanced cleansing power, therefore, suitable for white or filthy dogs. It has the highest level of cleansing power among HYPONIC’s shampoo line. Deep cleansing, yet formulated using only safe and natural ingredients. HYPONIC shampoo may be less aggressive than other brands that contain bleaching chemical ingredients. However, continued use of chemical ingredients in shampoos may also lead to more serious skin problems. To learn more, please see ‘HYPONIC Story’.
● HYPOALLERGENIC – 100% natural therapy shampoo created especially for groomers with quality cleansing
● NO separate conditioner required
● Best dilution ratio 10:1 (max 50:1)
With HYPONIC Grooming Artist shampoos there is no need for a separate conditioner. The idea behind this is science!
Human hair and dog coats have negative ions. In everyday life added with drying, dyeing, perming and such, the coat damaged over time. Pictured below is on example of an enlarged coat under a microscope. It shows the damage caused over time like that of cracks in asphalt. The surfactant used in the shampoos for cleaning is an anionic surfactant. The use of anionic surfactants in the original negative coat makes the coat brittle (negative ion + anionic = stiff). The conditioner uses a cationic surfactant. Adding a cation to the anion softens the coat.
And the cation conditioner fills in the gap of the damaged coat to create a shinier and healthier coat. In summary, coats and shampoos are negative ions, therefore, use of a cationic conditioner will soften it. Naturally derived surfactants are characterized by amphotericity. HYPONIC uses amphoteric surfactants which are a 100% botanical-based naturally derived secondary surfactant, excluding all synthetic chemical surfactants with high toxicity. An amphoteric surfactant simultaneously acts as a cleanser and conditioner. That is why HYPONIC shampoos replace the need for separate conditioners and you will notice a difference after washing.

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