SKU: F015

HYPONIC PRO Shampoo (for dogs_Cleansing & Volumizing) 3.8L


HYPONIC PRO line is created with groomers in mind, for those who love using separate shampoo and conditioner for the ultimate grooming experience.
● Professionalism at its finest
● Exclusive groomer shampoo & conditioner for the ultimate grooming experience
● Lighter coat, quick drying, thorough cleansing
● Rich, long lasting volume
● Best dilution ratio 20:1 (max 50:1)
● [Effects and Benefits] Cleans and protects pet’s coat and helps to enrich hair.
● [Usage and Dose] Wet pet’s hair with lukewarm water, apply proper amount of shampoo, work into lather, gently massage into hair and rinse thoroughly. Dilute water and shampoo at a ratio of 20 : 1 to create a richer volume.

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