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HYPONIC No Sting Hinoki Cypress Ear Cleaner (for all cats) 120ml


HYPONIC No Sting Hinoki Cypress Ear Cleaner is a Surfactant free, Propylene Glycol free, Alcohol (Ethanol) free and fragrance free ear cleaner formu- lated with 48% Hinoki Cypress. This product is recommended for pets for routine cleaning of sensitive ears. Pet’s ears are extremely sensitive to harmful ingredients and it is impossible to rinse ear cleaners out with water. Because of this, it has been Hyponic’s top priority to create an ear cleaner using only natural ingredients. Hyponic is short for “hypoallergenic”, meaning mild and causing fewer allergic reactions. Throughout our study, we focused on finding natural ingredients to replace surfactants without compromising cleaning capabilities.
● Free of surfactants – The world’s first ear cleaner without surfactants!
● Free of fragrance and alcohol.
● 48% Hinoki cypress, an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent.
● No sting.
● Hypoallergenic – completion of the Non-toxicity and Skin Irritation tests.
● Tested -Completion of antibacterial, antifungal and deodorization tests.
HYPONIC works with top-notch experts to study and provide the safest and healthiest lifestyle possible for our
companion animals. The brand HYPONIC combines the finest, highest quality ingredients with leading technology
with careful consideration for animals. We are committed to being a brand you can trust That was created from the
heart with only the safest quality Ingredients and you can know are giving Your furry loved ones only the best.
● 48% NATURAL HINOKI CYPRESS (PATENTED) – Cleans & soothes cat’s ear and eliminates odor from ear
● NON-STINGING (SURFACTANT & ALCOHOL FREE) – Gentle for sensitive ears & pain free to keep your
pet comfortable. For itch, discharge, odor, and head shaking.
● HYPOALLERGENIC & NATURAL-100% EWG GREEN GRADE cleansing & hypoallergenic ingredients
designed to be gentle & mild.
● DERMATEST RATED, EXCELLENT – Awarded by the German Dermatological Research Institute, founded
in 1979 which tests skin tolerance based on the strictest intl’ standards.
● SAFE & EASY TO USE – Clinically Proven & Tested

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